Blackstrap Molasses


worked so well on me

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So the count down begins! After much tinkering and toiling its almost here. Please enjoy our live rendition & help us promote the upcoming release of our first recorded single ever, “Applying Myself”! We’re releasing it with the fabulous White Iris in just a few weeks and can’t wait to share. Yours Truly, Only You

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just skin and bones

just skin and bones

you’ll never know if you don’t know now

you’ll never know if you don’t know now

been an awful long time

you’re good for me

on repeat….

Both, Night and Day

And when I start to shake, cause these words they won’t escape me. I try my best to discern, what those eyes of yours are looking for. So give me a clue and I’ll confess……you’re on my mind both night and day.